I remember asking my mother, when I was a child,  if she could draw me something. She immediately draw me a flower, a red carnation. They were her favorite fowers, she planted them, she bought them, she loved them.

They are also a very strong symbol for the portuguese people, they were the flowers associated with the Portuguese Revolution of April 25th, 1974 also called the Carnation Revolution. It is our collective memory besides being my personal memory.

I’m working on some paintings where there will be carnations, here I worked with inks and beeswax. I like the ethereal result. I have 3 for sale on my shop.



I was happy to see that my work made it to the poster for this group exhibition I’m in at the moment in Seattle. If you are not far, go have a look at this exhibition that has color RED for subject. l_bf2d22ad753241fab6defc79492e3cb5


the endless days of women’s autumn – mixed media 

20×20 inches (50x50cm)

Today I finished this piece I’ve been working on. I have to write a statement for it and I started to write something. I love to write, it is one of my favorite activities, I write poetry and short stories. Although I love to write it is always difficult for me to write about art, mine or from others.

For me, art is an emotion and like each people reacts differentely to an emotion, I always think that a person reacts also differentely when looking to art. What I prefer is to hear each person’s stories when they look at one of my pieces, of course, I know that when I gave them a title I’m already starting a story myself, offering a glimpse to what I’ve done.

It is only a glimpse not the whole of it. The rest I leave it up to the eye of the observer. I leave it up to their emotions because mine have already been blended along with the acrylics whenever I work on a new piece.

This is what I have so far for this painting:

The autumn in a woman’s life. Is there an age for it ? Is there a specific time when we stop and start perceiving life in a different way ?

In this painting the background is there to remind us that time covers and/or erases it all. Under those layers there are long forgotten dreams and musings of a young girl, of a woman, that now at the autumn of her life has started to unveil them. To understand who she really is.

The pursuit for its own identity never ends only takes a new path.


Image2First post here. First of many.

My name’s Sofia, I live not far from Paris in France, I’m from Portugal and I’m a visual artist. I work on diferent mediums.

I have a whole list of projects that I would like to put into real life. I would love to journal them here.

I would also love to get to know other artists, so that we can comunicate about our favorite subject : how to live an artistic life ?